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.: gamesradar all-platforms
gamesradar all-platforms.
.: A new PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds map and what's next for PUBG, revealed by Mr Unknown himself
"I've always imagined Battlegrounds as you're playing a movie".
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Make your dream Sonic game a reality.
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.: Binging Sea of Thieves this weekend? Watch out for scheduled maintenance
D-arrrr-n it, Sea of Thieves will be down for five hours on Saturday.
.: Sea of Thieves review: “Doesn’t have the (sea)legs for longevity”
Sailing back to the Dagger Tooth Outpost, we knew we’d done alright for an afternoon of pirating.
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.: A Reddit post about getting mad is inspiring Overwatch players to take better care of themselves
The world could always use more heroes.
.: Fortnite Battle Royale Battle Pass Challenges guide
Visit different Gas Stations in a single match, and follow the treasure map found in Anarchy Acres.
.: N4G: news feed
N4G: news feed.
.: Deep Rock Galactic Preview (Xbox One) - XboxAddict
XBA says: One of the most impressive Game Preview titles we've hand our hands on yet..
.: PLAYERUNKNOWN on Fortnite BR Success: It's Great That It's Getting The Mode To A Lot More People
Brendan 'PLAYERUNKNOWN' Greene answered a question about the success of Fortnite Battle Royale during his GDC 2018 panel. He said that it's great the game brings the BR genre in the hands of many more players and that he's trying to combat the perception that he wants other people's games to die..
.: Scribblenauts Showdown Review | Invision Game Community
The Party Game has had a very odd lifecycle, all things considered. Started out of nowhere, more or less, with the first of SEVERAL Mario Party games on the N64, they saw a spike in popularity on the casual-cuddling Wii and, as is well-documented, were mostly more garbage than that massive garbage island in the Pacific..
.: A Way Out Briefly Passes Fortnite in Twitch Viewers
Today, A Way out, a co-op only prison-break game from publisher EA and from Brother: A Tale of Two Sons developer Hazelight Studios released onto PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. And briefly it surpassed the behemoth that is Fortnite in concurrent Twitch views..
.: Far Cry 5 Strategy Guide gets 35% off discount
Amazon has heavily discounted the official strategy guide of Far Cry 5. .
.: Adventure Gnome Digs Its Way to Mobile Devices
Developer D3 Go! on Friday announced that Adventure Gnome has launched on iOS and Android devices. .
.: Orwell: Ignorance is Strength Complete Second Season Released
Surprise Attack Games and Osmotic Studios have announced that the complete second season of Orwell: Ignorance is Strength is now available to purchase online..
.: God Eater 3 for PS4 and PC Gets First Gameplay Showing Explosive Battle, Engage and More
Bandai Namco Entertainment revealed the first gameplay of God Eater 3 for PS4 and PC, providing a good look at the new battle mechanics..
.: Genres we Want Developers to Try Making
Alex S. from Link-Cable writes: "Sometimes you develop an affinity for a certain developers style and the way they make games. And while what they do is fine you might want the team to branch out and apply their talent to a whole different genre. Thats exactly the topic of todays Knights of the Round-Cable article, what game genres do we want developers to tackle. The only rule were giving ourselves (lifes no fun without rules right?) is that the developer we chose cant have made a game in that genre before ever.".
.: CGMagazine | MLB The Show 18 (PS4) Review
MLB The Show 18 is the latest installment in the illustrious baseball franchise. With a wide variety of content, is this game about the Great American Pastime a home run? Or do some minor technical issues send it to the dugout?.
.: www.GameInformer.com
The award-winning website of Game Informer, The World's #1 Video Game Magazine featuring news, preview, and review coverage of Microsoft Xbox One, Xbox 360, Sony PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Nintendo Switch, Wii U, 3DS, DS, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, PSVR, virtual reality, iOS, Android, Flash, and Next Generation console games both online and in print.
.: Level-5 Teases Large-Scale RPG Set In The Modern Day

Level-5's latest RPG adventure, Ni No Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom, is a fun romp taking place in a mystical kingdom reminiscent of classic storybook tales. For what could be its next big project, Level-5 is getting its head out of the clouds and coming back down to Earth.

Speaking to Tekken producer Katsuhiro Harada as part of an interview series at 4Gamer, Level-5 president and CEO Akirhiro Hino discussed its plans for its 20th anniversary, which includes making a huge RPG set in the modern day.

Discussing the company's previous MMO, True Fantasy Live Online, Harada asks Hino if they'd ever do something like it again. "We do have an idea. I’m not sure if we can call it an MMORPG or not, but [we] plan to make a big title on the same scale as one," Hino said." To honor its 20th year, the company wants to make something it's passionate about, and for them, it means moving away from fantasy. "The game we’re preparing won’t be fantasy but rather ‘modern day.'”

Although 2018 is the company's 20th anniversary, Hino also states the game won't be out this year. This is similar to how the first Ni No Kuni was announced during the company's tenth anniversary, but didn't release until two years later.

[Source: 4Gamer.net via Gematsu]


Our Take
Between stuff like Ni No Kuni and the Professor Layton series, some of the company's most famous works are often set in eras that are out of time. Of course, the Yokai Watch series is set in the modern day, but I'm still interested in what the company does with a new game set in a less fantastical setting.

.: PUBG Celebrates One-Year Anniversary With Footage Of New Map

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is one-year old this week (counting its Early Access period), and the developers behind it celebrated it with thank-you video showcasing a new map.

In the midst of thanking players for making PUBG one of the biggest games in the world and their honest (sometimes brutal) feedback, Brendan "PlayerUnknown" Greene and CEO and Executive Producer of PUBG Corp Chang Han Kim showed off some quick footage of the newest map.

The new map is much smaller than previous ones, clocking at 4x4 kilometers instead of the usual 8x8. The map features a more tropical, forested look, with straw huts replacing some of the usual architecture. But don't worry: It still hosts all the same guns and murder you're used to.

The map is set to release for public testing in early April, since the team wants to have players test updates earlier in development and leave more feedback.

In case you were wondering what this whole Battlegrounds thing is about, check out Dan Tack's review.

(Please visit the site to view this media)

[Source: PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds on Youtube]

.: Street Fighter: Assassin's Fist Team Helming New Street Fighter TV Series

TV and film production company Entertainment One and Capcom are partnering up to produce a live-action Street Fighter TV series, and the team behind it actually has solid credentials when it comes to producing live-action Street Fighter series.

A couple of years ago Joey Ansah, Jacquelin Quella, and Mark Wooding released Street Fighter: Assassin's Fist, a live-action adaptation of Street Fighter that was, for once, well-received by fans and became a hit on Youtube. According to Deadline, that's the team behind the new TV series, along with Entertainment One, which has helped produce films in the Insidious film series, as well as TV shows like Hell on Wheels, Growing Up Hip Hop, and Chopped Canada.

“After a long search, guided by the team behind Assassin’s Fist, we are delighted to be partnering with a company with the outstanding TV experience of Mark Gordon and eOne," said longtime Street Fighter producer Yoshinori Ono. "They have the credentials to help us launch a faithful adaptation of Street Fighter as a major TV series."

According to Deadline, the series will follow the plot of Street Fighter II with Ryu, Ken, Guile, and Chun-Li as its protagonists. M. Bison, of course, is the big bad (prediction: Akuma kills M. Bison at the end after Ryu goes the entire season without using a continue and getting three perfect victories). This was originally the plot of the Assassin's Fist team's next series Street Fighter: World Warrior, so it's likely that project was subsumed into this TV series.

Hopefully, it will be good. At its worst, it will likely be yet another terrible live-action Street Fighter series. But it can't be worse than The Legend of Chun-Li, right?

.: Get A Free Ticket To Hitman's Sapienza This Weekend

IO Interactive is offering a would-be assassins a chance to explore one of Hitman's enormous levels for free this weekend.

Although fellow Game Informer editor Jeff Marchiafava was lukewarm on the game as a whole, the Spring Pack includes the story mission from the main campaign that takes place in the Sapienza level, as well as all the escalation, featured contract, and challenges. Players will also have access to any elusive target that has been reactivated. So if you're looking to try the game for yourself, this is a great place to jump in. 

The pack is available this weekend on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

.: What To Watch This Weekend: Street Fighter V, Rainbow Six Siege, And PUBG

This week has a ton of stuff going on. Between majors in both the FGC and Smash community, a Dota major, and PUBG, you have a lot of things to keep an eye on and choose from.

You can watch some rapid-fire Counter-Strike: Global Offensive action this week in Budapest, Hungary as premiere teams face off at the V4 Future Sports Festival. (Stream)

If you need to take a break from playing PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds to watch it instead, catch the PGL Invitational to see where the pros drop onto the island. (Stream / Schedule)

Its schedule is effectively 12 hours ahead of central time, but if you need a late night/early morning fix of fighting games, Thaiger Uppercut will feature Street Fighter V, Dragon Ball FighterZ, Tekken 7, and more. (Streams and Schedule)

The Super Smash Bros. community's big tournament this week runs on the friendlier Eastern time schedule, and will feature Melee and For Wii U action. (Streams and Schedule) You can also catch the first Smash Masters League event, which will kick off a worldwide tour of events where Diddy Kong and Bayonetta beat each other up. (Stream / Schedule)

The Rainbow Six: Siege European Pro League will pit the world's best players against each other for next few weeks, so if you've heard about Leo Vader's tenth-favorite game of all time, here's a good chance to see what all the fuss is about. (Stream / Schedule)

Dota 2's Dreamleague is back and with it more fun matches between eight of the world's best teams. (Stream / Schedule)

We are not in the playoffs of the League of Legends North American LCS, which means we'll which teams have what it takes to claim the prize over the next few weeks. (Stream / Schedule)

The Overwatch League is having its Stage 2 finals this weekend, so if you've been keeping up with it, now's the time to grab a couple friends and some food to see who will win this leg of the league. (Stream / Schedule)

The Heroes of the Storm HGC is also underway, so if you're not seeing your favorite Overwatch character represented in the League, you may be able to catch them here. (Stream / Schedule)

Hearthstone is in Olso, Norway this weekend for the HCT, so if you're looking for some card-slingin' action, this is your fix. (Stream / Schedule)

The Rocket League Championship Series continues! You can expect the same of kind of short, high-octane matches you play on your own, but played by people who know what they're doing. (Stream / Schedule)

That's it for this weekend! Let us know if we missed an event, or there's a scene you'd like us to cover, in the comments.

.: Weekend Warrior – To Claim Back The Throne

With doubt surrounding the Ni No Kuni sequel, a few of us have taken kindly to its positive reception and are going to delve into this whimsical, Ghibli-esque adventure this weekend. With Brigitte's addition to Overwatch, some of us are going to see if Reinhardt's squire is up to snuff in the meta. What are you going to conquer this weekend? Be sure to let us know in the comments below.

Jon Bowman (@MrGameAndWrite) – I’ll be playing The Show, assuming the early access period for those who pre-ordered it is actually real. Also, this might be the weekend that I finally try out Warframe. I’ve finally begun to notice a gaping hole in my life since I hit the wall with Destiny 2 a while back. I need some sci-fi shooting in my life, and I think I’m ready to get back out there and find that game.

Ben Hanson (@yozetty) – This weekend I’ve convinced myself that I’ll get into Ni No Kuni II. I’ve tried 3,000 times to play and get into JRPGs as much as when I was a kid and have had a tough time. Maybe this one though, maybe this one. Other than that, I hope to find time to play A Way Out with a buddy. Have a good weekend!

Kyle Hilliard (@KyleMHilliard) – I am hoping to see Isle of Dogs this weekend. I unfortunately (stupidly?) missed Early Man while it was in theatres, so I plan on doing my best to not miss this stop-animated feature film. Now that my review for Sea of Thieves is complete, I plan on returning to games I want to play just for fun, which I think is Bloodborne, right now. We’ll see.

Robbie Key (@RobbieKeyV) – Sleeping. I want to sleep and eat fried chicken, at the same time if possible.

Brian Shea (@BrianPShea) – I’m traveling back from GDC today, so I’m looking forward to sitting down and playing with Brigitte in Overwatch once I get home. When I’m not doing that, I’ll likely continue Yakuza Kiwami. I’m also hoping to put a bow on Pokémon Omega Ruby.

Daniel Tack (@dantack) – Bacon-wrapped jalapeno poppers with garlic aioli. Applewood bacon fresh jalapenos cream cheese and of course the special stuff – smoky gouda and some Parmigiano-Reggiano. Garlic aioli is a must and of course some light accoutrements on the side for additional flavor and taste.

Joey Thurmond (@DrJoeystein) – I'm going to be taking it easy after a busy week. My Friday night plans are to push back the Skaven hordes in Warhammer: End Times – Vermintide with my favorite guys and play Overwatch with another good friend. I might try to play some God of War: Ascension over the weekend, but I mostly plan on catching up on some reading and other friends.

Leo Vader (@leovader) – Playing Rainbow 6 Siege, my team will be finishing up our first ten matches of ranked (which we’re finally graduating to from casual) and seeing where we get placed! Somebody told me to turn off some Windows 10 setting about mouse precision and I’m immediately ten times the shooter I used to be, so my love affair with Siege is far from over. Beyond that, I’ll keep chipping away at Yakuza Kiwami! I always sit down intending to make progress and walk away two hours later having only done side missions and activities. I need to finish that story before The Song Of Life! HAGS!

Jeff M (@GIJeffM) – I took a much-too-long hiatus from Monster Hunter: World while reviewing Kingdom Come, but I think I'm finally ready to get back to the action. I also might spend more time in a secret game that must not be named, and attempt to wrap my head around Surviving Mars' tutorial-less colony building. I don't get it, but I want to!

Kimberley Wallace (@kstar1785) – I just picked up my pre-order of Ni no Kuni II, so I’m excited to dive into that this weekend. I really like what I played of it at TGS and Joe’s review only made me more optimistic about it. Even though I’ve completed Monster Hunter: World’s story, the fun never ends. I beat Deviljho twice already, but I’ll need to capture him a few more times to get his sweet gear. Other than that, Overwatch is always a guarantee for me these days. I’m really digging Brigitte. She might be a new main for me. Not only is stunning people with her shield fun, but she also can be a huge asset in how much she can buff teammates up (especially in increasing their max health). I’m sure that will get nerfed eventually, but for now I’m loving it.

.: EA Is Hiring For An Open-World Star Wars Game

A new job posting is connecting the dots on EA's plans in a galaxy far, far away.

The job listing, which is posted on the company's internal jobs board, calls for a lead online engineer to "lead a team to deliver online features for a Star Wars open-world project." The listing says the role will help "ensure designs will maintain high-traffic services for multi-platform games," suggesting the title will come to multiple systems.

While plenty of job listings for prospective projects come and go in the video game industry, this one is listed under EA Vancouver, which syncs up nicely with last October's news that EA was shutting down Visceral Games and taking the developer's single-player Star Wars title in a new direction. At that time, EA's Patrick Söderlund stated that part of reason for the shift was to "deliver an experience that players will want to come back to and enjoy for a long time to come..." EA announced it was moving the project to EA Vancouver, so an online-focused, open-world Star Wars game certainly fits the bill for something that players can keep returning to.

No other exciting tidbits are included in the posting, but if you're a Canada-based Star Wars fan who has experience with online infrastructures, you can check out the requirements at the link below.

[Source: EA, via Gamespot]


Our Take
I was as bummed as anyone when EA canceled Amy Hennig's Star Wars project, and the publisher's missteps with Battlefront II haven't exactly been reassuring. At the same time, however, an open-world Star Wars game built around online interactions does sound pretty awesome. We've likely got a lengthy wait ahead of us to see what the game actually turns into, but I'm interested to learn more.

.: You Can Now Watch SonicFox And Go1's Dragon Ball FighterZ Rematch

Earlier this month, G.I.'s esports expert Suriel Vazquez gave fighting fans a thorough rundown of an epic head-to-head matchup: Dominique "SonicFox" Mclean, an American fighting game player who sits atop the ranks of Injustice 2, Mortal Kombat X, and Skullgirls, took on Japan's top anime fighting game competitor Kishida "Go1" Goichi. Both players are at the top of Dragon Ball FighterZ's rankings in their respective countries, and the preamble to their first match included a fair share of trash talk. As Suriel reported, Goichi beat Mclean handedly ending the showdown with a 10-4 win record. After the tournament, however, Mclean tweeted that he can do better.

Mclean got his second chance last night at the grand opening of Las Vegas' new Esports Arena. Located at the Luxor Hotel and Casino, the opening featured a number of high-profile competitions, including Mclean and Goichi's best-of-10 showdown.

In the interest of spoilers, we're not going to tell you how their rematch fared, but you can watch it for yourself in the video below! The first match begins at 41:40 (there's a lengthy pre-amble featuring the competitors before that), and continues on in part two and part three.

Watch FT10 SONICFOX V GOICHI! | Esports Arena Las Vegas Grand Opening | !schedule from EsportsArena on www.twitch.tv
.: Become Colonel Sanders In This Bizarre KFC And PUBG Promo

"Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner." The coveted words of victory in Playerunknown's Battlegrounds is an admittedly odd saying to find in the battle royale title, but Twitch is taking the expression more literally this weekend by partnering with KFC. From March 24 to 25, streamers SacrielSequishaAnthony Kongphan, and Dr. Lupo will be streaming PUBG and viewers will have the chance to use a special KFC emote. Whenever one of the streamers claims victory in a match and the emote is used, everyone will be entered into winning $5 gift cards for the fast food chain. Randomly selected participants will also get the chance to win items depicted in the image above, ranging from a "survival spork" to a Colonel Sanders-themed Ghillie suit. The latter consists of a bright white color with a black bowtie, which we have no doubt will blend in magnificently in the wild.

In the meantime, check out our recent debate discussing the pros and cons of battle royale kings Playerunknown's Battlegrounds and Fortnite.

[Source: RollingStone]


Our Take
Video games are no strangers to baffling cross-promotions, but at least this one makes sense. PUBG has been struggling on the front of keeping up its player base while Fortnite continues to break astounding records with sales and streaming, so while I doubt this will make a dent in the game's overall performance on Twitch this weekend, it's a nice, silly gesture for the community nonetheless.

.: Why Digital Extremes Removed An "Insanely Profitable" Microtransaction From Warframe

Warframe has earned a reputation as one of the better free-to-play multiplayer games, both in terms of the quality of the game itself and its healthy relationship to microtransactions. After hearing how developer Digital Extremes handled a lucrative but unintended microtransaction, that reputation for the latter continues to grow.

In the final part of Danny O'Dwyer's documentary on Warframe, he speaks to Digital Extremes general manager Sheldon Carter about Kubrows, dog-like creatures that were virtual pets and could accompany players on missions. When Kubrows were first introduced into Warframe, there was an option for players to spend a premium currency called Platinum to change the color of your Kubrow. Carter goes into detail about the decision to remove that transaction from the game, in spite of its success.

"When we first came up with Kubrows, we wanted people to be able to change the color and fur patterns of Kubrows. You could push a button and pay Platinum, you could change the color. Then you could've taken a print of that and you could trade it to someone else. We were trying to create a way for you to get something cool and then share it with your friends," said Carter. "And then we saw a guy push the button 200 times. And we were just like 'Oh, my dear god, what have we done? We've created a slot machine.' So, it was a day and a half for us to take that out."

"Obviously, that was insanely profitable for someone to be doing that, but that's not what our design intent is or what the intent of the game is, so that's why we changed it." Carter continued. "When you're dealing with something that has a cash component, you have to really be careful."

Warframe has maintained a strong following over the years, and design decisions like this are one of the reasons the community remains engaged.

[Source: Noclip via PCGamesN]


Our Take
It's very cool to see a developer recognize an issue with a microtransaction, own up to it, and proactively remove it before it turns into a controversial issue. It's hard for any studio to turn away from easy money like that, but it goes to show the value of standing firm for Digital Extremes' vision of what Warframe should be. If anything, removing these lucrative but harmful systems would only entice new players to try the game without worrying that they're being taken advantage of. 

.: Here's What Players Can Expect From The First Sea Of Thieves Update

Despite some rough waters at launch, Rare has already launched its first update for Sea of Thieves. The update offers changes varying from highlighting a favorite pirate that you've created to how you'll pay for your death. You can find the full patch notes the Sea of Thieves site, but here are some of the highlights:

  • Favorite Pirate – Sea of Thieves doesn't feature a full suite of character customization options, but rather generates randomly selected pirates for you to choose from. Want to save a potential favorite for later and try again? Now you can!
  • Achievements – Previously, there was a delay when achievements would unlock in Sea of Thieves. That issue has been resolved.
  • Snakes! – Along with pigs and chickens, snakes have now been added to the island. Their poisonous spit can be used to ward off any scallywags who dare try to steal your treasure.
  • Coming soon: Death Cost – A trip to Davey Jones' Locker is going to start costing you gold. The way that you meet your demise will affect how much gold you will have to pay (so dying from a Kraken will most likely cost less than if you were starring at a map and walked off a cliff). Rare does not intend for this gold fee to be applied to any PVP related deaths.

Sea of Thieves is available now for Xbox One and PC. You can check out our review here.

[Source: Sea of Thieves official website]

.: Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon Creator Dean Evans Departs Ubisoft

After nearly a dozen years of collaborating on successful games in the Far Cry, Splinter Cell, and Assassin's Creed franchises, Dean Evans has left Ubisoft. 

Best known for leading the boisterous marketing campaign and creative direction for the neon-infused homage to 1980s action films, Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, Evans most recently was working on a new game concept with Ubisoft that the company shelved. In the aftermath, Ubisoft offered him a chance to join the editorial leadership group in Paris headed by chief creative officer Serge Hascoet, but he instead chose to step aside.

“I split with my wife, and then the project I was working on was canceled. All of this massive s--- going on at the same time and I started thinking, ‘Is the best option for me to move to another foreign country?’ Evans says. “I’m 40 this year, and it’s so f---ing cliche, but you do think about it in the same way you do when you turn 30. These milestones, you start thinking about what you really want to be doing and whether you’re making the right decision.”

Evans says he’s leaving Ubisoft on good terms. Rather than immediately jump into a new endeavor, he plans to move back to the United Kingdom, then take some time off to travel. “I’ve been in the business now for over 20 years, nearly 12 of those have been at Ubisoft,” Evans says. “I’ve never really taken much of a break.”

When Evans eventually reboots his career, don't expect the next project to tread along the same worn path as his earlier works. After years of making bombastic shooters and tense stealth situations, he has ambitions to form a much smaller team and stretch beyond the boundaries of conventional triple-A game design.

“A lot of people have been complaining about the triple-A business and the lack of risk taking, that  I’d be a total f---ing hypocrite if I moved forward and didn’t take any risks,” he says. “So f--- it, I think I might go out and set up my own studio and see where that goes.”

During our meandering conversation, Evans continually returned to concepts he feels could challenge the status quo. He expressed admiration for the ideas being espoused by fellow Ubisoft alumni Brie Code, who in a series of editorials and speeches over the past couple years has been challenging the conventional approach of hyper-focusing design decisions on catering to the hardcore gamer. Instead, she’s advocated for breaking down the barriers that currently make interactive entertainment a daunting proposition for the millions of people who aren’t compelled to play games driven by verbs like "punch," "kick," and "shoot."

“The way I look at it is, without trying to s--- on anyone, we’re at this point of the age of the designer-saur,” Evans says. “There are going to be major changes coming in. When you speak to people about the next generation, you know who the designer-saurs are because they’ll start talking about PlayStation 5 or whatever the next Xbox is. They’re not talking about kids. You’ve still got 40-year old dudes making games for 40-year old dudes. No one’s going to f---ing care. That’s the balance that needs to shift.”

Where does he see this new era ushering interactive entertainment? Away from singular platforms, scripted storylines driven by cinematics, and objective-based game design and more toward open-ended experiences that allow users to create their own ways to play and express themselves.

“I’m a big believer that the future is not games we as creators make, but that we create virtual worlds and give tools and systems to players and they’ll make infinite amounts of games,” he says. “We’re going to build spaces for players not just to play in, but to exist in. You’ll see it, in 10 years digital existence is going to be as important as your virtual existence.”

For Evans, the key to unlocking this potential may lie in studying and engaging with one of the more underserviced demographics in recent years.

“I spend as much time as possible with friends’ kids and seeing how proficient they are in everything and what an amazing, kind of captivating audience they are. To think we have the most powerful entertainment medium on the planet, and we’re ignoring the future of our planet. We’re not making games for this audience with the budget and attention they deserve.”

You heard it here first – Dean Evans believes that children are our future. Expect more news about his new endeavor as we get closer to E3.

.: Last Call For Summer 2018 Game Informer Intern Applications

It's been a banner year for video games, but with the changing seasons comes a new opportunity for aspiring video games journalists. We're now accepting applications for Game Informer's summer 2018 internship term.

Game Informer is looking for a few self motivated, independent writers to participate in a three-month editorial internship. The program is designed to help interns learn about the intricacies of video game journalism by giving them an opportunity to practice clerical skills, fact-checking, copy-editing, research, and reporting. Successful interns will see stories published online and may have opportunities to assist with podcast and video recording.

If that sounds exciting, you can send a cover letter, resume, and three writing samples (as a single pdf) to ben@gameinformer.com. The summer internship will run from May 16 through August 15. We'll continue to accept applications until April 5, so please send your application along before then!

You can learn all about our current group of awesome interns and the paths that led them here by reading their introductory posts. You can also learn more about Game Informer's internship program from the mouths of our Fall 2017 interns, Keenan McCall, George Ash, and Cody Mello-Klein as they discussed their experience on an episode of The GI Show seen below (skip to the intern section here.)

(Please visit the site to view this media)

.: Check Out This Impressive Sonic Maker Fan Project

If this project ever lives to see the light of day, it could be a Sonic fan's dream.

Sonic Mania reignited our love for old-school Sonic games, and if the team behind the fan project Sonic Maker has their way, we’ll soon be able to make our own Sonic the Hedgehog levels. Here's a sneak peak of the tech the team has put together so far.

But again, the creators are facing an uphill battle here, not just in creating cool technology but in releasing a project that uses Sega's IP without permission. Copyright lawyers tend to put a stop to fan projects like this one.

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.: Activision Once Explored The Idea Of A Spyro The Dragon MMO

With rumors circulating about an alleged trilogy of remastered Spyro The Dragon titles, the folks over at Did You Know Gaming are reminding dragon fanatics that the franchise almost explored the MMO space with a game similar to titles like Istaria and The I of the Dragon.

In the process of rebooting the franchise with bold, new concepts, the multimedia developer Helios Interactive pitched a more mature game called Spyro's Kingdom: an MMORPG where players could assume their own dragon and take on quests from Spyro himself, who ruled over the land as the king. Playable alpha builds and proofs of concept were developed. and Activision's CEO Bobby Kotick approved the general concept, but the idea eventually gave way to putting more emphasis on the toys-to-life idea that Toys For Bob expanded upon. Activision later encouraged the studio to remove online multiplayer and make the figures necessary to play the game, meaning that custom dragons had to go with the Skylanders we know today.

A more "realistic" MMO emulating Middle-earth life, MMO for Stargate, and more are addressed in the video, which you can check out below.

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[Source: Did You Know Gaming]

.: Star Wars And Metro Exodus Demonstrate How Ray Tracing Makes Games Better

Ray tracing is an advanced lighting technique that has been used in film for years, but at this year's Game Developers Conference, that technology has made its way into the gaming world. Through a demo of the upcoming Metro Exodus and a Star Wars short called "Reflections," we can see how ray tracing is evolving the way we view video games.

In the Metro Exodus demo, 4A Games announced their collaboration with NVIDIA, using RTX technology to bring ray tracing into this breathtaking environment demo.

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Epic Games also collaborated with NVIDIA and ILMxLAB to stun GDC viewers with this life-like short featuring Captain Phasma and a couple of smart-mouthed stormtroopers. It would be easy to mistake this Star Wars short as some deleted scene from The Last Jedi. However, this short premiered at the GDC this week to showcase the continuing advancements of the Unreal Engine. Starwars.com caught up with Mohen Leo, ILMxLAB director of content and platform strategy, and Jerome Platteaux, art director of Epic Games to talk more about how ray tracing is implement in this short. You can find that interview here.

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Our Take
It's hard to believe how much further Unreal Engine and NVIDIA can be pushed, but we're blown away by how ray tracing pushes the boundaries of lighting in games, not to mention the advancements we're seeing in human renderings.

.: Joker Turns Vigilante Or Villain In New Batman: Enemy Within Trailers

Telltale is not jesting when they show Joker as a vigilante helping the Caped Crusader in the second season finale trailers for Batman: The Enemy Within.

Depending on choices players make leading up to the fifth episode, Joker will either assist Batman in fighting crime  albeit in violent ways – or resort to his signature, villainous actions. Get a better look at this unique take on the Clown Prince of Crime in the trailers below.

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The season finale lands March 27. Check out our reviews for episodes one, two, three, and four.

.: God Of War Is Gold A Month Before Release

Santa Monica Studios is just under a month out from releasing God of War on April 20. Today, creative director Cory Barlog took to the PlayStation Blog to announced the game's development has been officially wrapped up, with some of the studio's members being humorous about the completion as well.

"This was the scariest, most wonderful thing I have ever done," Barlog writes, "and I can honestly say it would never have been possible without the full-throated support of Sony and the tireless work of the incredible team at Santa Monica Studio."

On the eve of God of War going gold, director of cinematography Dori Arazi discussed how the game continues the franchise's technically-astounding feat of continuous, fluid motion throughout gameplay and cutscenes; the new God of War never cuts with its camera, which you can find out more about in the video below. Be sure to check out our hub for our cover story on God of War complete with interviews, gameplay footage, and behind-the-scenes information on the title's development.

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Our Take
Having seen much of the b-roll footage going around giving us a further glimpse into the radical changes that God of War has had with its gameplay, I couldn't be more pleased with the direction the series is taking in all respects. Much like Naughty Dog, Santa Monica Studios has pushed the boundaries of the PlayStation consoles over the years and made immeasurable leaps with their engines and visual fidelity. I wish the best to Cory Barlog and his team for a successful launch with a (hopefully ... and likely) masterful game.

.: Sonic Creators Discuss His Design Origins At GDC Panel

It's commonly understood that Sonic was Sega's ace in the hole to compete with Nintendo back in the '90s when the rival publisher needed its own mascot to represent the Genesis console. Since then, Sega has exited the hardware business, but the blue blur has persisted in spite of a nearly consistent stream of mediocre titles. Sega stumbled for numerous reasons, but there was a science and history behind the hedgehog's appeal, which might help explain how he stands the test of time. Sonic's original character designer Naoto Oshima and game designer Hirokazu Yasuhara explained that history during at talk at GDC.

The pair of creators gathered at the Game Developer's Conference this week and talked about how Sega challenged them to crack the code on what makes a mascot. They considered making Sonic an armadillo, porcupine, dog, or even "an old guy with a mustache." Interestingly enough, while Oshima was on a trip in New York, he asked passersby which concepts they liked best and showed off sketches he'd drawn. The hedgehog proved to be the most popular. Oshima chalks this up to his recognizable features like his blue spikes and connected eyes, which were simple enough for kids to draw, like Mickey Mouse. In addition, the fact that Sonic is an oddly-colored animal allows him to "transcend race and gender and things like that.”

One of the most interesting details is that Sonic The Hedgehog's premise is founded in a fake story about an aviator. Oshima was fascinated by American culture and things like "leather jackets and plane nose art." When he started to design Sonic, he conceived of a background story about a pilot nicknamed "Hedgehog" whos hair stuck up when he flew. This pilot married a children's book author, who took inspiration from his plane nose art and wrote the story that ultimately plays out in the game. "Now that you know a little bit about the story we wrote in coming up with Sonic," Yashura said, "I think you can see why the Sonic emblem [on the title screen of the original game] looks the way it does."

You can read more about how Sonic's animations and level design were conceived, the challenges of meeting Sega's expectations, and more via the source links below. You can also check out our recent interview with comic story writer Ian Flynn, who is taking Sonic in new directions with a rebooted comic series.

[Source: Polygon and Gamasutra]

.: The Merc With A Mouth And Cable Clash In Latest Deadpool 2 Trailer

The newest trailer for Deadpool 2 shows glimpses of the Merc with a Mouth taking on Josh Brolin's Cable, and gives us a few new plot details.

Fox's new trailer includes antics that range from jumping into a cab to escape a group of baddies to joking about launching gluten into space so it can't hurt people anymore. Amidst a fight against Deadpool, Cable reveals he's looking for a mutant child, who can shoot either energy or heat blasts from his hands. To protect the kid, Deadpool assembles the X Force, a ragtag team of mutants. Judging by the trailer, the group consists of Wade Wilson, Negasonic Teenage Warhead, Colossus, Domino, and actors Terry Crews and Shioli Kutsuna in unknown roles.

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Deadpool 2 hits theaters May 18. Check out the previous trailer here.

.: Hori Gives The Switch A Proper D-Pad ... With A Catch

Pro – Third party peripheral company Hori is releasing a left Joy-Con with an actual D-pad that will most likely help you die a little less in Celeste or any of the other Nindie platformers coming soon to Switch.

Con – That Joy-Con will be missing some key features.

Switch owners who regularly use their Joy-Cons will welcome the comfort and control of an actual D-pad over the face buttons featured on the standard left Joy-Con. However, Hori's left Joy-Con only works when it's attached to the system – so Joy-Con grips users are still out of luck. Hori's controller also lacks acceleration, gyro sensor, or vibration features. But again, D-pad!

If the Hori Joy-Con interests you, it may be a while before you can get your hands on it. It's set for a July release in Japan for 2,678 yen ($25.36 USD) with no information on when it will be made available internationally. For comparison, Nintendo's MSRP for individual Joy-Cons is $49.99. Of course, you can find replacement shells and D-pads from companies like Basstop without losing any features, if you're good with tiny tools and don't care about warranties.


Our Take
I'm all for third party peripherals fixing common issues, but there are a lot of caveats to Hori's controller, which I'm not psyched about. For my buck, I'd rather switch out the shell and D-pad to give my Switch that Atomic Purple aesthetic and retain all of the Joy-Cons' functionality. If I can find the right tools for my fat, clunky fingers, that is.

.: Ubisoft Announces New Mumbai, Odesa Studios

After adding new studios in Berlin, Bordeaux, Stockholm, and Saguenay in 2017, Ubisoft shows no signs of slowing down its international growth. Today the game publisher announced two new studios scheduled to open in 2018 in Mumbai, India and Odesa, Ukraine. 

Following the success of its Pune studio, which has worked on the Just Dance, South Park, Far Cry, Trials, and Steep franchises over the past 10 years, Ubisoft wants to consolidate power in the region by opening a studio in Mumbai. Serving as the home to Bollywood, as well as several good schools, the publisher sees an area ripe with potential. "Opening a studio in one of the world’s biggest and most dynamic cities will open the doors to a new pool of talents," said Jean-Philippe Pieuchot, managing director for Ubisoft Pune and Ubisoft Mumbai. "Our ambition is to contribute towards the development of the Indian video game ecosystem by partnering closely with top schools and institutions."

Ubisoft plans to hire up to 100 employees for the location over the next two years, who will work closely with the Pune studio. In addition, Ubisoft is opening a lab at Indian Institute of Technology focused on A.I and machine learning, as well as an Art and Game Design program at Ecole Inuit Lab's Mumbai branch. 

Ubisoft has had a Kiev office since 2008, but it now wants to expand further into the Black Sea region with a new Odesa studio that will hire up to 60 people over the next two years. The studio will primarily support the Ghost Recon franchise. 


Our Take 
Making video games with large teams spread out across the globe sounds like a recipe for disaster, but Ubisoft seems to pull it off with regularity, as evidenced by the recent success of games like The Division, Rainbow Six Siege, Ghost Recon Wildlands, and Assassin's Creed Origins.

.: CD Projekt Talks Microtransactions, Multiplayer, And More In Cyberpunk 2077

At a financial presentation for 2017 results, CD Projekt Red talked a little about Cyberpunk 2077, including the possibility of multiplayer coming after launch.

During the event, the studio mentioned that the game utilizes a class-based character structure, will not have microtransactions, and that while the game was focused on single-player, president and joint CEO Adam Kiciński said that "further extensions of the game" like multiplayer could be added later. "...We already said in the past that in the past that we wanted our future projects to integrate online components at some point in the future." When asked about a battle royale mode for the game, Kiciński said that everything was being considered.

In terms of platforms, a question from the presentation's Q&A portion mentioned previous statements from the company that Cyberpunk 2077 would span multiple platform generations. Kiciński said that while the next-generation of home consoles hasn't been announced yet, the game is "very advanced" and that it's "ready to interface with future generations." A question also was asked about the Switch, but Kiciński said that nothing was planned.

An announcement about the game is expected before E3.

[Source: CD Projekt Red] 


Our Take 
The studio has already announced a commitment to multiplayer for the game, but if that doesn't come until after release so that the studio can focus on its core philosophy – single-player – then that's fine with us.

.: Nintendo Hosting Super Smash Bros. Switch & Splatoon 2 Tournaments At E3

Nintendo is letting gamers at E3 dive right in and test their mettle with the newly announced Super Smash Bros. title on the Switch. Both the upcoming game and Splatoon 2 will have tournaments from June 11-12 at the convention.

The Splatoon 2 tournament also features qualifiers that take place before E3 (click here for more info), whereas the unreleased Super Smash Bros. will be played by a select group of players invited by Nintendo. 

No new details on Super Smash Bros. on Switch have been announced. 

[Source: Nintendo] 

.: PUBG's Event Mode Mixes It Up

PUBG is trying out new game parameters with Event Mode – a place where PUBG Corp wants to present new ideas outside of the regular experience.

Event mode is accessible in the main menu, and its first twist is to double the rifle drop rate (matchmaking with the third-person perspective on Erangel).

The mode is unranked, although you'll get BP at the end of a match.

PUBG Corp. says Event mode will go live soon once testing is complete, and teases that one of its next iterations includes the flare gun.

[Source: PUBG] 


Our Take 
This sounds like a great way to not only offer something different from the core experience, but also to test out possible new ideas that could become mainstays.